Why Lung Research?

What Do You Get When You Cross Blue Sky Thinking, Grey Area and Pink Tissue?


Facing the Challenges of Lung Disease

1 in 5 Canadians have lung disease. COPD is the number one cause of hospitalization in Canada, asthma affects at least 13% of our children and lung cancer kills more people than breast, ovarian, colon and prostate combined.

Our lifestyle is breeding dangerous pollutants and irritants that can damage our airways. Environmental toxins, allergens and chemicals are attacking our lungs. Even within our own four walls, radon and mould pose hidden risks. Between contaminants, second-hand smoke, sleep disorders, and an aging population, we can’t ignore the growing challenges of lung disease.

The rapid growth of chronic disease is costing us dearly in terms of lives and quality of life but also our economic well-being. It is estimated that chronic lung diseases costs the Canadian economy $12 billion.

We are collectively responsible for creating the breathing breakdown and we need to collectively create the breathing breakthrough. The Lung Association is leading the way, advocating for change and strengthening our voice.


Breathing as One

Breathing as One is a national fundraising campaign that will support The Lung Association’s new, innovative research strategy. Based on the principles of collaboration, the National Respiratory Research Strategy will push beyond the traditional boundaries of lung research, leverage new knowledge and create the highest standards of treatments to attract the brightest medical minds.

With your support we will develop a research strategy that allows us to learn more about lung disease. We will reduce risk, discover cures, save lives and improve the quality of life for all Canadians. It's time to raise our collective voice and shine a spotlight on the growing challenges of lung disease.


The National Respiratory Research Strategy



The Canadian Lung Association

For over 100 years, The Canadian Lung Association has been dedicated to promoting and improving lung health for all Canadians. The mission of The Canadian Lung Association is to lead nationwide and international lung health initiatives, prevent lung disease, help people manage lung disease and promote lung health. Our provincial and national offices work together to help the one in five Canadians who have breathing problems.

Canadian Thoracic Society

The Canadian Thoracic Society is Canada’s national respiratory specialty society that brings together over 650 researchers, respirologists and other physicians working in respiratory health. CTS is the medical section of The Canadian Lung Association.

Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals

Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals advises The Canadian Lung Association on scientific matters and programs, including policies regarding support for research and professional education where it relates to health professionals with an interest in respiratory care.